Ground Screws Steel Ground Screw Anchor pile  Dec 28,2020

Why choose  ground screw as the foundation for solar mounting system ?

Ground Screw have some product properties, such as 1000-3000 mm length, 3-3.5mm thickness, 76mm outer diameter and 200mm&220mm flange diameter etc. Ground screws compare to other foundation(concrete), It can fast to install, strong, lightweight, low cost, robust, low mess, and kind to the environment… what’s not to love?! 


Our Ground screws have a wide variety of application, not only for solar mounting system foundation, but also for light industrial projects, wooden structures to fencing, footbridges and storage containers, etc. 

Ground Screw11.jpg

The ground screw foundation is an ideal solution for ground mounted renewable energy technology as it provides the following benefits:

· Suitable for all terrain including sloping hills and soil types

· Significant cost savings through time taken to construct

· No digging, no excavation, no waste, no concrete or wet trades

· Complete construction and foundation solution

· Fast and accurate insertion of ground screw

· Statistically tested and certified by independent testing institutions for load, pull and wind load according to stringent guidelines

· Easy to install – easy to plan

· Sustainable ground engineering – no sealing or covering of surface or negative impact on landscape

· Durable and long lasting

· Easily removable and reusable.

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