• What is middle clamp or end clamp? Sep 16,2021
    Mid Clamp(also known as middle clamp) is one of important solar mounting accessories, which used for to clamp solar panels between two solar modules. It's assembled with bolt and nut together,by fixing with rail to firmly clamping panels from wind and any other shaking.3.5 cm ( 1.37″ ) and 4.0 cm ( 1.57″ ) thickness are most comment size standard for framed PV solar panels .As a professional s...
  • Can anyone recommend aluminum mounting system to use on metal roof, with minimal penetrations? Sep 09,2021
    Many people are Looking for a cost effective aluminum rail mounting system to use on my metal roof, with minimal penetrations.For the most cost-effective solar panel roof mounting bracket, there are several options, but the following factors need to be considered before doing so.1/Note also the width of flat bottom channel on the metal roofing you have between raised ridges/corrugations. ...
  • What is the ground screw?
    What is the ground screw? Sep 02,2021
    Ground screws are the innovative foundation solution that bypasses the need for traditional foundations like concrete and offer the perfect solution for projects on sloping, uneven ground or in hard-to-access areas. ground screws anchor are 70% faster to install than concrete – and you can build on them straight away.Depending on the soil type a ground screw could last 200 years&nbs...
  • What is the solar tracker system?
    What is the solar tracker system? Aug 26,2021
    What is the Sun pv tracker?A solar tracking system maximizes your solar system's electricity production by moving your panels to follow the sun throughout the day, which optimizes the angle at which your panels receive solar radiation.A single-axis tracker moves your panels on one axis of movement, usually aligned with north and south. In other words, PV solar trackers adjust the dir...
  • Are Mid End Clamps Better Than Using Rear Frame Holes?
    Are Mid End Clamps Better Than Using Rear Frame Holes? Aug 19,2021
    Johncfii( solar addict), he have a some question, the story is that he is getting ready to ground-mount install a bunch of new 320-watt panels to expand their system.He asks” Is there any reason to think that solar clamps(edge clamps) are a better way to secure panels than the less expensive approach of using machine screws/nuts through the rear frame holes to secure the p...
  • What is solar mounting structure? Aug 12,2021
    Mounting structures are the backbone of a solar power plant as they provide support to modules. These support structures raise solar panels at appropriate angles to ensure that they receive maximum solar irradiation.Solar mounting structure bracket are used to fix solar panels on surfaces like roofs, building facades, or the ground(carport, agriculture). These mounting systems generally enabl...
  • How to choose a suitable solar mounting system for your metal roof?
    How to choose a suitable solar mounting system for your metal roof? Aug 05,2021
    Customer is asking for the 5KW solar system on the metal roof information. How to choose a suitable solar mounting system for metal roof? You will need 4 x 250W panels, or 3 x 330W for every 1kW of the solar system. If you're considering a 5kW system, that's between 15 and 20 solar panels that will require anywhere between 25.5 – 34m2 of roof space. The choice of p...
  • Can Solar Agriculture Improve the Modern Farming Industry?
    Can Solar Agriculture Improve the Modern Farming Industry? Jul 28,2021
    Technology that can help farmers not only sustain, but thrive. Solar is an essential part of this new dynamic.Solar energy can be used in agriculture in a number of ways, increasing self-reliance, and reducing pollution. Solar energy can cut a farm's electricity and heating bills. Solar heat collectors can be used to dry crops and warm homes, livestock buildings, and greenhouses.you ...

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  • What is single axis solar tracker?
    What is single axis solar tracker? Jul 22,2021
    The increasing demand for energy, the continuous reduction in existing sources of fossil fuels and the growing concern regarding environment pollution, have pushed mankind to explore new technologies for the production of electrical energy using clean, renewable sources, such as solar energy, wind energy, etc. Among the non-conventional, renewable energy sources, solar energy affords great potenti...
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