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solar racking and tracking systems
Company News
  • A Leap Forward to Manufacturing Excellence: Kseng Zhangzhou Manufacturing Base Officially Launched
    A Leap Forward to Manufacturing Excellence: Kseng Zhangzhou Manufacturing Base Officially Launched
    On June 7, the grand opening ceremony of Kseng Zhangzhou Manufacturing Base was held successfully in Zhangzhou, China. The event gathered distinguished guests from all over the world, including global customers, suppliers, partners, and Zhangzhou government representatives to witness this significant milestone. Watch the exciting highlights below Official Launch Ceremony The official launch ceremony was conducted by Yu Bin, CEO of Kseng Solar. He said that the opening of new factory is not only a building, but also the embodiment of the dream of our entire team. It will become the cornerstone of our development and growth, and provide better support and guarantee for further optimization of products and service. At the same time, it is also an important step for us to move towards the goal of globalization through building a complete industrial chain to better adapt to and meet the needs of the global market. Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing The event continued with a strategic cooperation agreement signed between Kseng, Zhejiang Communication Service Industry Co., Ltd., and Fujian Changye New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., laying a solid foundation for in-depth collaboration in the future. Tour of Zhangzhou Manufacturing Base Following the signing, CEO Yu Bin led the guests on a tour of Zhangzhou Manufacturing Base, including casting, extrusion, and oxidation workshops, showcasing the upstream manufacturing capabilities of Kseng's complete industry chain. The integration of operations in Xiamen and Zhangzhou enables a vertically integrated production chain for a seamless process from aluminum ingot casting, extrusion, oxidation, finishing, assembly, and packaging, to the final shipment One-stop PV System Conference In the afternoon, a one-stop PV system conference was hosted, featuring presentations by industry experts from Kseng, LONGi, and Sungrow, who delivered insightful speeches on solar racking systems, modules, and inverters, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of one-stop PV system. Grand Appreciation Dinner To express gratitude to global customers and partners, Kseng organized a grand appreciation dinner in the evening. The event was filled with vibrant performances, delightful food and drinks, and interactive lucky draws , creating a lively atmosphere. With the establishment of the dual manufacturing base and driven by the mission of “Empowering our world with clean energy”, Kseng Solar is now fully equipped to embark on a new journey supporting global solar energy transformation. Looking forward, Kseng Solar will continue to deliver high-quality products, and comprehensive local services to advance solar energy adoption and promote zero-carbon development.
    - Jun 07, 2024
  • Kseng Solar Empowers Team with Successful Training at Kseng Business School
    Kseng Solar Empowers Team with Successful Training at Kseng Business School
    Recently, Kseng Solar successfully concluded its highly anticipated empowerment training at the Kseng Business School. This comprehensive training program regularly organized for Kseng people, aims to enhance their skills and knowledge in various aspects of products and industry. Throughout the training sessions, Kseng experts delivered insightful speeches on the latest developments in the solar industry, tips on sales conversion and innovative solar racking solutions. Kseng people gained a deeper understanding of industry trends, best practices, and effective strategies for better serving our global clients. Additionally, it included outdoor activities designed to challenge both mental and physical capabilities, fostering teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among new Kseng People. The successful training event at Kseng Business School is a testament to Kseng Solar's dedication to continuous improvement and professional growth, highlighting its mission to empower the world with green energy.
    - Apr 15, 2024
  • Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
    Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
    Kseng Solar wishes you happiness and prosperity in the year of the Dragon! As the Lunar New Year arrives, we warmly send our best wishes for health, joy, and prosperity in 2024! Please kindly be informed that our office will be on break from February 7th to February 17th, 2024 to celebrate the holiday and will resume work on February 18, 2024.
    - Feb 06, 2024
  • Kseng Solar Marks Milestone with Relocation Ceremony for Xiamen Manufacturing Base
    Kseng Solar Marks Milestone with Relocation Ceremony for Xiamen Manufacturing Base
    Recently, Kseng Solar proudly held the relocation ceremony for our brand-new Xiamen Manufacturing Base. The official operation of both bases in Xiamen and Zhangzhou is expected to achieve an annual production capacity of 15GW, marking a significant step towards a whole industrial chain through vertical production for solar racking systems. Highlight Recap Video
    - Jan 26, 2024
  • Precautions for daily inspection and maintenance of photovoltaic mounts
    Precautions for daily inspection and maintenance of photovoltaic mounts
    Solar PV mounting system is the skeleton supporting the components of the PV power station. It can fix the photovoltaic modules on the roof, ground, water and other application scenarios of photovoltaic power stations, and can make the photovoltaic power station run stably for 25 years. During the operation of photovoltaic power plants, in order to maximize the efficiency and life of photovoltaic power generation, it is also very important to perform daily inspection and maintenance of Solar PV mounting system. The following are some detailed steps about the daily inspection and maintenance of Solar PV mounting system: Ⅰ. Precautions for daily inspection of Solar PV mounting system : Installation inspection : Regularly check whether the bolts, welds and connections of the photovoltaic support are sealed and secure. When the system is unstable, such as twisted, deformed or damaged, it is necessary to repair or replace parts in time. Anti-corrosion inspection : PV supports are usually made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials, and the anti-corrosion performance of these materials is very important. If there is rust, paint peeling and oxidation on the surface of the photovoltaic support, it needs to be treated in time and preservatives should be applied. Cleaning inspection : Dust, leaves, branches and other debris will accumulate on the surface of the photovoltaic support, which will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the photovoltaic panel. Therefore, the surface of the bracket needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure that its surface is neat and clean. For photovoltaic brackets with rotatable angles, it is also necessary to check whether they can rotate freely and apply an appropriate amount of antirust agent. Ⅱ. Precautions for daily maintenance of Solar PV mounting system : Keep dry : It is also very important to keep the PV modules and supports dry. If there is water, it needs to be cleaned in time, otherwise it may affect the power generation efficiency or cause damage to the components. At the same time, the drainage system on the Solar PV mounting system should be kept unimpeded and dredged regularly. Maintenance of the bottom foundation : In addition to the maintenance of the photovoltaic support itself, attention should also be paid to the maintenance of the surrounding infrastructure. This includes operations such as mowing grass and spraying pesticides to ensure that the environment around the Solar PV mounting system is clean and tidy, and to avoid damage to the infrastructure by plant roots. Remote monitoring : The remote monitoring system can monitor in real time, so that faults can be found and repaired in time. This technology can regularly check the health of photovoltaic modules and Solar mounting system, identify problems and provide repair suggestions, helping to increase the operating efficiency and reliability of the system. Daily inspection and maintenance of Solar PV mounting system parts...
    - Aug 14, 2023
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