solar ground mounting system

Solar ground mounting system ground screws foundation

Ground solar mounting foundation with ground screw, It is popular in Japan. 
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    Aluminum 6005-T5 High strength aluminum alloy, Q235B Carbon Steel
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    10 Years
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    25 Years
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Solar ground mounting system ground screws foundation

Benefits of ground-mounted solar systems:

1、Ground-mounted solar systems can face in any direction, align at every optimal angle so that it positioned directly in the sun.

2、Easy clean, this becomes even more prominent during winter when you need to remove snow from your panels, and your roof or carport will not give you as much flexibility and room to maneuver in like the ground.

3、Kseng`s ground solar mount brackets will make the maximum pre-assembly that can save construction time and labor cost. 

4、Use our ground screw, the installation time is significantly shorter, and the installation can be done quickly and effectively without any major preparations being needed.


 AL 6005-T5 High Strength Aluminum Alloy, Q235B Hot Dip Galvanizing
Foundation:  Ground Screw
Standard:  JISC8955-2017 Design Guide on Structures for Photovoltaic Array
Certification:  ISO9001/CE/SGS/UL etc.
Surface Treatment:
Wind Load:  60m/s
Snow Load:  1.4KN/M2
Warranty:  10 Years
Service Life:  25 Years
Applicable Module:  Framed or Frameless
Module Orientation:  Portrait or Landscape

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