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rotating solar panel mount pv tracker
rotating solar panel mount pv tracker
rotating solar panel mount pv tracker

KST-2P Double Portrait Horizontal Single axis Solar Tracking System

Kseng KST-2P solar tracker achieves good combination with bifacial modules, fits for mid-high wind load areas.

  • Brand:

  • Product Origin:

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  • Material:

    carbon steel
  • Drive System:

    Slewing Drive
  • Tracking Range:

    ±45°to ±60°
  • Tracking Accuracy:


KSENG · KST-2P Solar Tracker

Kseng KST-2P solar tracker adopt single slew drive with dampers on both sides to increase overall stability.

It's a good match with bifacial solar modules for maximum power generation. Featured with fewer column,

it's quiet flexible for uneven terrains.


  Structure Parameters
  System type
  Double Portrait Horizontal  single-axis tracking system
  Maximum capacity per row
  54KWp (Estimated with 600W PV -Modules)
  PV-Modules quantity per row
  2Px45, 2Px30
  Tracking range
  Tracking accuracy


  HDG Steel, Al-Mg-Zn Coating Steel
  Concrete foundation, Steel pile, PHC pile
  Quantity of foundation/MW

  130PCS/MW (Estimated with 600W PV-Modules)

  Controller Parameters
  Controller system
  Tracking method
  Astronomical algorithm+closed-loop control (AI)
  Signal transmission
  Wire (RS485) or wireless (Zig bee)
  Drive method
  Slew drive
  Motor type
  DC 24V
  Power supply
  AC-powered or self-powered
  Concrete foundation, Steel pile, PHC pile

Advanced AI tracking algorithm

AI self-learning algorithm to optimize the angular deviation caused by terrain and bracket installation errors.

Compared with the traditional tracking algorithm, the power generation of the power station can be increased by 2%-3%.

KST-2P features

1:Suitable for the mid-low wind load areas

2:Fully fit for 210 module

3:Al algorithm to maximize power generation

4:Adapt to various terrains allowing a north-south slope up to 20%

5:Easy installation & maintenance

Terrain adaptability:

1. Flexible arrangement, make full use of irregular land and can improve land utilization.

2. North and South can adapt to 20% slope.
3. Unlimited slope in the east-west.

Which is better single axis or dual-axis solar tracker?

The choice between a single-axis solar tracker and a dual-axis solar tracker depends on various factors, including the specific application, available space, budget, and the desired energy output.  Here are some considerations for both types:

Single-Axis Solar Tracker:
1.  Movement: A single-axis solar tracking kit moves the solar panels along one axis (typically the east-west axis) to follow the sun's daily movement.
2.  Cost: Single-axis solar tracking brackets are generally less expensive than dual-axis trackers due to their simpler design and fewer moving parts.
3.  Performance: Single-axis solar panel sun tracking system can significantly increase energy production compared to fixed-tilt systems by optimizing the solar panel's angle with the sun throughout the day.  They typically offer a 20-30% performance improvement.
4.  Space: Single-axis solar tracker system require less space compared to dual-axis trackers because they move on a single axis.  This can be advantageous when space is limited.
5.  Maintenance: Single-axis solar sun tracker are generally easier to maintain due to their simpler design and fewer components.

Dual-Axis Solar Tracker:
1.  Movement: A dual-axis solar tracker system moves the solar panels along two axes (east-west and north-south), allowing them to track the sun's movement more accurately.
2.  Energy Output: Dual-axis solar panel tracker system can maximize energy production by continuously pointing the solar panels directly towards the sun, capturing more sunlight throughout the entire day.  They typically offer a 30-40% performance improvement compared to fixed-tilt systems.
3.  Tilt Angle: Dual-axis automatic solar tracker mounting system can adjust the tilt angle of the solar panels, which is particularly beneficial in high-latitude or lower-sunlight regions, as it allows for better sun exposure even during winter months.
4.  Cost: Dual-axis solar pv tracker are generally more expensive due to their more complex design, additional motors, and control systems.
5.  Space: Dual-axis slewing drive solar tracker require more space compared to single-axis trackers as they move on two axes simultaneously.  Sufficient land area is needed for their installation.

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