How to mounted your solar panel correctly? Dec 01,2020

There is one main way solar panels are attached to roofs all over the world, as following the picture.


Yeah, you are to be surprised to learn why it is not glue. It is the best way that hold tight the solar panel in the metal tin roof with the solar clamp and it can be almost certainly fastened to your rooftop.

Kseng`s solar panel mounted clampregular design size is depended on the panel height, so the solar clamp have regular suitable for the 30mm/35mm/40mm and so on.

 Middle Clamp1131.jpg1606809594477938.jpg

The solar panel clamps have different types that is depended on the solar module orientation(Portrait or Landscape). If the module orientation is portrait, it usual use the photo1 solar mount clamp type. If the module orientation is landscape, the solar clamp is general use the photo2.





Solar energy system mounted panel use solar clamp normal to purchase mid clamp and end clamp. The solar mid clamp is fastened the two panels, the solar end clamp is fastened to the side panels.

Without doubt, different modules have different requirements, you also need to customized the solar clamp for your module. How to choose the professional manufacturer to customized your panel clamps? First, you can view the company certification about the solar mounting system products. Second, you can view their factory, whether they have own manufacture capacity or no. In the end, you can contact their manager to know whether their have the technical team or no.

As someone with many years of experience in the solar industry in Japan, Xiamen Kseng Metal Tech Co., Ltd. not only owns a first-class management and technical team, but own factory with an area of 15000 square meters. They current production line is divided into two respects: solar mounting bracket line and ground screw line. Kseng have many certifications, such as ISO9001,CE,SGS etc.

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