Xiamen Kseng Xi 'an tour Jan 22,2021

In order to enrich employees' cultural life and strengthen team cohesion, Xiamen Kseng Metal Co., Ltd. held a 6-day culture tour to Xi 'an in December 2020.


By plane to the long history of cultural ancient capital - Xi 'an, savor the ancient and distant "morning bell and evening drum" one of the eight ancient Chang 'an; walk in the most characteristic of the ancient northwest street [Muslim snack pedestrian street], we feel the northwest ethnic minority customs, taste the northwest most characteristic of all kinds of special snacks.

The eighth wonder of the world [Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum] is well known. The historical shock and the charm of human wisdom in the past brought by it make us all marvel.


The Da Tang Dynasty flourishing culture and commercial walking block -- "Da Tang City Never Sleepless", is a full display of the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty, peace and happiness.


The world's only unearthed Buddha Shakyamuni real body finger relic temple - Famen Temple, where the Tang Dynasty 8 emperors worship Buddha relic treasures, is also a kind of historical and cultural inheritance.


In addition to the influence and shock of history and culture, we also feel the charm of natural scenery. Huashan is the best insurance in the world, this trip is to promote everyone's friendship, the trip is difficult, steep terrain, Huashan`s the sky and the sky wide, all sides of the color, mountain dance silver snake, the original Chi wax elephant. Standing on top of the very top, the head is empty, there is a feeling of flying in the air. Immediately give birth to "want to try higher than heaven" heroic!  




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