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solar racking and tracking systems

Ground Solar Solution in Saudi Arabia

May 14, 2024
Location: Saudi Arabia

Installation Date: 2024.05

In Saudi Arabia, Solar ground mounting system solar solutions are becoming a key factor in driving the country's energy transition and achieving sustainable development goals. Below are some of the key information and trends regarding ground-mounted solar solutions in Saudi Arabia:

Lower Costs: The continued decline in solar prices is one of the factors lowering capital expenditures for utility-scale projects, making rooftop solar a more viable option for businesses.

Energy Storage Solutions: Many MENA countries are looking to energy storage solutions to become more competitive and reduce the cost of electricity by using thermal storage media that can withstand a wider temperature range than molten salt.

Solar Application Development: Solar applications are evolving, particularly in terms of promoting renewable energy end uses, and the significant drop in solar prices and increase in competition for storage solutions will allow solar to be used in many applications that have traditionally consumed large amounts of fossil fuels.

Saudi Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia, under Vision 2030, aims to reduce its dependence on oil revenues, diversify its energy mix, and develop its potential for renewable energy.

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