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Ballast Roof Solar Solution in Malaysia

May 14, 2024
Location: Malaysia

Installation Date: 2024.05

Solar ballasted roof mounting system solar solutions in Malaysia may involve the use of weight (ballast) to ensure the stability of the solar panel system on the roof, especially on buildings where penetration mounting systems cannot be used. Here are some of the possible features and benefits:

No need to penetrate the roof: the ballast solution does not require drilling holes in the roof, which is useful to maintain the integrity of the roof and avoid potential leakage problems.

Flexibility: The ballast roof system can be adapted to the specific conditions of the roof to ensure optimal panel angles and power generation efficiency.

Easy to install: Ballasted systems may be easier to install than penetration installations because they do not require specialized roof penetration tools or skills.

Easy maintenance: Maintenance and cleaning may be easier because the system components do not penetrate the roof.

Cost-effective: In some cases, ballasted systems may offer a cost-effective alternative, especially for commercial or industrial buildings where roof damage needs to be avoided.

Environmental Adaptability: Ballast systems can be designed to adapt to Malaysia's climatic conditions, including high temperatures and rainy seasons.

Structural Stability: Through the use of appropriate ballast, systems can be designed to resist strong winds and other environmental factors.

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