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solar racking and tracking systems

Ground Solar Solution in Saudi Arabia

Mar 16, 2023

Location: Saudi Arabia

Installation Date: 2024.03

Aluminum solar ground mounting system solutions are being used in Saudi Arabia to support the country's new energy development, especially in the Belt and Road countries.

Climatic conditions in Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia has a tropical desert climate and abundant sunlight. However, harsh natural conditions such as high temperatures and sandstorms require high reliability and durability of PV systems.

Saudi Arabia's energy transition: Saudi Arabia has placed a high priority on energy transition and carbon reduction to achieve its sustainable development goals with the launch of "Saudi Vision 2030". In the future, Clenergy will continue to provide specialized PV-ezRack solar installation solutions and services to the local region of Saudi Arabia.

Kseng solar's system: Kseng solar offers a solar ground mounting system made of 100% aluminum for mounting on concrete bar foundations or ground screws. The system is lightweight and robust.

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