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solar racking and tracking systems

Flat Roof Solar Ballast Mount in Germany-6KW

Jun 05, 2024

Installation Site:  Germany

Installation Date: 2023.8

Generating Capacity:6KW

The Flat Roof Solar Ballasted Racking System is a method of installing solar panels on flat or low-slope roofs. This system avoids damage to the roof structure by securing the solar panels and the racking kit to the roof with calculated weights that do not need to penetrate the roof. This system is widely used around the world, especially in large commercial projects, and is extremely cost-effective due to its quick and easy installation.
When installing a ballasted solar system, the ballasted mounts are held in place by weight rather than penetrating the roof, as compared to conventional roof mounts. The photovoltaic mounting system is attached to the solar panels, and a tray underneath the mounting system panels will hold the heavy concrete blocks. The weight of these concrete blocks keeps the solar panels in place on a flat roof. In addition, solar panels are typically mounted at an angle to maximize sunlight reception while helping snow and rain slide off rather than accumulate on the panel surface.
Ballast systems use the weight of rock or concrete blocks to shield the solar array from wind and seismic forces. Such systems typically consist of a grid of interconnected rows and columns capable of transferring point loads from one module to multiple neighboring parts of the system. As a result, the weight of the ballast system is optimally optimized for large PV arrays with high load transfer.

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