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solar racking and tracking systems

936.kW-KST Solar Tracker 1P in Mexico

Feb 18, 2024
Location: Mexico
Installation Date: 2024.2

Generating Capacity: 936.kW

In Mexico, a striking photovoltaic (PV) power generation project utilizes single-axis tracking technology with a total installed capacity of 936.96 kW. This project takes full advantage of Mexico's abundant solar resources and achieves the optimal tilt angle of the PV panels through the tracking system to improve power generation efficiency.

The KST Solar Tracker 1P is a single-axis solar tracking system designed to improve solar power generation efficiency. The system utilizes large rolls and posts to enhance the stability and reliability of the system. The multi-point drive structure is designed to make the structure more rational and improve safety. In addition, the KST-1P solar tracker is a cost-effective solar tracking solution for flat or sloping terrain. The single-axis tracker can increase production by 25% to 35%.

The KST series solar tracking system fits perfectly into the 210 model modules, utilizing large reels and posts to increase system stability and reliability. The design's multi-point drive structure allows for a more rational structure and improved safety.

Overall, the 936.kW-KST Solar Tracker 1P in Mexico demonstrates how single-axis solar tracking technology can significantly improve the efficiency and yield of solar power projects. By precisely following the movement of the sun, these systems are able to optimize the tilt angle of the PV panels to maximize solar energy capture at different times of the day.

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