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solar racking and tracking systems

6.94MW-KST Solar Tracker 1P in Brazil

Dec 12, 2023
Location: Brazil
Installation Date: 2023.12

Generating Capacity: 6.94MW

The development of single-axis solar tracking system in Brazil market is as follows:

Market size: Brazil is one of the important markets for single-axis solar tracking system in the world. According to statistics, Brazil accounts for about 10% of the total global tracking racking installation, and the installed capacity will exceed 7GW in 2022.

Project Applications: Single-axis solar tracking systems are widely used in large-scale PV projects in Brazil. For example, Kseng solar tracking provided 6.94MW of intelligent tracking racking system for Brazil.

Technological innovation: Kseng solar tracking has continuously launched innovative products to meet the needs of the Brazilian market; Kseng solar tracking has launched the Pathfinder 1P single-row independently controlled tracking racking system, which is suitable for ultra-high-power bifacial modules, which reduces the total investment of the project, ensures high reliability, and enhances the power generation capacity.

Market Outlook: With the Brazilian government's support for renewable energy and the reduction of solar power generation costs, the application of single-axis solar tracking systems in the Brazilian market is expected to expand further.

Policy environment: The Brazilian government has introduced a series of supportive policies and incentives, such as feed-in tariff subsidies and tax incentives, to promote the adoption of single-axis solar tracking systems.

To sum up, single-axis solar tracking system is developing rapidly in the Brazilian market, with a large market scale, increasing localization layout, active technological innovation, and broad market prospects. With the support of government policies, it is expected that single-axis solar tracking systems will be more widely used in Brazil in the future.

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