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1.2MW-Roof solar mount in Australia

Aug 12, 2022

Location: Australia

Installation Date: 2022

Generating Capacity: 1.2MW

Popularity of rooftop solar in Australia: Australia is a world leader in rooftop solar installations, with about a quarter of all house roofs fitted with solar panels.

Government Subsidies: The Australian Federal Government provides sizable subsidies for the installation of domestic rooftop solar power systems to increase incentives for installation.

Average installed size of rooftop solar systems: The average size of rooftop PV systems installed in Australia was 9.3 kW in the second quarter of 2023, indicating that rooftop solar system sizes continue to rise.

Installed rooftop PV capacity: The installed rooftop PV capacity in Australia reached 14.7 GW, indicating the rapid growth of rooftop solar in Australia.

This information shows that Australia has significant growth and potential for rooftop solar installations, and that the 1.2 MW rooftop solar project is part of the country's renewable energy transition.

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