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Solar Carport Solution in Belgium

Oct 11, 2023
Location: Belgium

Installation Date: 2023.10

In Belgium, solar carport solutions are gaining attention as a facility that combines parking functionality with renewable energy generation. Here is some information about solar carport solutions in Belgium:

Professional services: it is important to design your solar carport with qualified professionals like Kseng solar and its partners who can tailor the solar carport solution to your specific needs.

Efficient use of parking lots: solar carports are an effective way to transform parking lots into energy facilities. They are particularly suited to the needs of corporate clients, such as parking lots in hotels, manufacturing or logistics warehouses, shopping centers, or large parking lots near highways, airports, stadiums, and more.

Charging station support: Solar carport projects usually also add high-speed charging stations for employees and the public, which increases the utility of the solar carport.

One-stop service: Companies such as Kseng solar provide the entire solar carport construction program.

Branded products: Kseng solar offers solar carports that focus on design, appearance, uniqueness and finish.

Modular Build: Solar carports are modularly built, can be expanded as needed, and can be equipped with integrated lighting.

Customized solutions: Solar carports can be used as customized solutions for private, commercial or public parking lots. They feature integrated rainwater drainage systems, hidden cabling and well-protected junction boxes to provide an excellent finish.

Environmental and economic benefits: Solar carports not only protect cars from the weather, they also provide free energy from the sun, helping the environment and potentially providing economic benefits.

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