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solar walkway
solar walkway
solar walkway

Light Weight Solar Panel Rooftop Walkway

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    Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
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    floor,platform,stair treads

FRP solar walkways grating are acid-base corrosion resistant, insulating and easy to install. it is specially designed to ensure the safety of the solar rooftop, walkway area. It not only effectively extends the service life of commercial and industrial rooftop. but also provides a safe pathway for the equipment installed on the roof.
FRP walkway grating system include gratings and connection fittings, they are used in power plants, chemical plants, water treatment and oil platforms and other corrosion environment.

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Lightweight Solar Panel Roof Walkway Introduction
Material and Design: Lightweight solar panels are usually made with thin film technology, which makes them lighter, thinner and more flexible than traditional crystalline silicon panels, making them easy to install on a variety of surfaces.

Installation: These panels can be installed on roof walkways without putting too much pressure on the roof structure, making them suitable for roofs with limited load-bearing capacity.

Application Scenarios: Suitable for a variety of scenarios such as residential homes, commercial buildings, public facilities, etc., especially when the roof space is limited or the roof structure is not suitable for traditional solar panels.

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