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solar racking and tracking systems

Easy Solar Kit Solution in Netherlands

Jan 30, 2023
Location: Netherlands

Installation Date: 2023.1

With the accelerated urbanization and increased awareness of environmental protection, the demand for green energy from city dwellers is growing. kseng solar has recently launched a new aluminum balcony solar mounting system, which is designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing and practical solar energy solution for city dwellers.

Product Features
This Aluminum Alloy Balcony Solar bracket is favored by the market for its lightweight, durability and high efficiency. Here are some highlights of this product:

Material Advantage: It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with excellent corrosion and weather resistance, which ensures the long-term stability and service life of the product.
Innovative design: The bracket design is simple and modern, which can be integrated with various architectural styles and enhance the aesthetics of the balcony.
Convenient Installation: The easy installation process and modular design allows users to easily install and adjust solar panels on balconies.
Efficient Power Generation: Optimized solar panel angle adjustment ensures that the solar panels can receive maximum sunlight and increase power generation efficiency.

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