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Ballast Solar Solution in Slovakia

Apr 19, 2024

Installation Date: 2024.04

In Slovakia, ballasted solar solutions are typically used on roofs where penetration installation is not possible. This solution involves the use of weight (ballast) to ensure the stability of the solar panel system. Here is some information about ballasted solar solutions in Slovakia:

Non-penetrating installation: solar ballasted roof mounting systems do not require drilling holes in the roof, which helps maintain the integrity of the roof and avoids potential leakage issues.

Structural Stability: By using proper ballast, the system can be designed to resist strong winds and other environmental factors, ensuring the safety and stability of the solar panels.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Ballasted systems may be easier to install and maintain than through-the-roof installations because they don't require specialized roof penetration tools or skills.

Environmental adaptability: Ballasted systems can be designed to adapt to different environmental stresses, such as wind, rain, snow, etc., ensuring that the solar system will function properly even in adverse weather conditions.

Cost savings: In some cases, ballasted systems may offer a cost-effective alternative, especially for commercial or industrial buildings that need to avoid roof damage.

Solar wholesalers: Companies like Kseng solar are the leading photovoltaic wholesalers in Slovakia, offering a wide range of solar products and services including ballasted solar solutions!

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