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solar racking and tracking systems

9MW-Ground mount in America

Dec 03, 2020

Location: America

Installation Date: 2018

Generating Capacity: 9MW

U.S. Solar Ground Mounting System: 9MW Project Case Showcase
With the growing global demand for renewable energy, the U.S. solar industry has ushered in a new period of rapid development. In this context, the successful deployment of the 9MW ground-mounted solar racking system not only demonstrates the technical strength of the U.S. in the field of solar energy, but also marks the country's solid step forward in promoting the transition to clean energy.

Project Overview
Located in the U.S., this project uses ground-mounted PV racking made of aluminum alloy to ensure structural stability and durability. Installed in 2018, the 9MW installed capacity fully demonstrates the scale and technological advancement of the project. The implementation of this project not only provides a large amount of clean energy for the local area, but also promotes employment and economic development.

Technological Innovation
The successful deployment of the 9MW ground-mounted solar racking system was made possible by a number of technological innovations. The project adopted advanced tracking technology, which improved the power generation efficiency of the solar panels and also reduced the cost of electricity. In addition, the project's planning and design process fully considered the local climate and geographic conditions to ensure the adaptability and reliability of the racking system.

Market Trends
The U.S. solar market is undergoing rapid changes. According to the latest report, 2023 is expected to be a record year for solar PV projects in the U.S., with installed capacity expected to exceed 24 GWac. Under this trend, the deployment of the 9MW ground-mounted solar racking system is a manifestation of the need to comply with market development. At the same time, as tracking racking technology continues to mature and costs decrease, more similar projects are expected to be put into operation in the future.


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