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solar racking and tracking systems

500kW - Aluminum Ground Solar Solution in The Gambia

Apr 09, 2024
Location:The Gambia
Installation Date: 2024.04

Generating Capacity: 500kW

500 kW aluminum alloy solar ground mounting system solar solution in The Gambia may include the following features:

Aluminum alloy: using aluminum alloy as the main material for the solar racking is suitable for the likely climatic conditions in The Gambia due to its light weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance.

Modular design: The solar racking system may have a modular design for easy transportation, installation and expansion.

High Power Generation Efficiency: The 500 kW system is capable of generating significant amounts of electricity under adequate sunlight, providing renewable energy for the local community or commercial activities.

Adaptability: The system design may take into account the specific geographic and climatic conditions of The Gambia, such as high temperatures and rainy seasons.

Easy to install: Aluminum solar bracket systems are typically easy to install and can be quickly deployed on the ground.

Easy Maintenance: Aluminum alloy is easy to clean and maintain, reducing maintenance work during long-term operation.

Environmentally Friendly: Solar energy, as a clean energy source, helps to reduce The Gambia's dependence on fossil fuels and reduces carbon emissions.

Economic Benefits: Although the initial investment may be high, solar power can provide economic benefits in the long run, through savings on electricity bills and possible income from electricity sales.

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