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25.2KW-PV Ground Solar Solution in Netherlands

May 16, 2023
Location: Netherlands

Installation Date: 2023.05

Generating Capacity:25.2KW

Solar ground mounting system solar solutions in the Netherlands are evolving to meet the country's need for renewable energy. Here is some information about ground-mounted solar solutions in the Netherlands:

Solar Expo: Solar Solutions Amsterdam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is the largest exhibition specializing in solar energy in Northwest Europe, attracting industry elites, entrepreneurs, and tech innovators from around the globe.

Government Support: The Dutch government has committed to a comprehensive transition to a sustainable energy system through the Climate Act, and has launched a series of policy incentives to support the innovation and application of sustainable energy technologies, including solar energy.

Market growth: The Netherlands has become one of the EU member states with the highest share of PV power generation, with 17.6GW of installed PV capacity as of the end of 2023, and an additional 19.3GW expected between 2023 and 2026.

Innovative technologies: At the exhibition, companies such as Benny New Energy showcased intelligent new energy solutions with leading technology and excellent safety performance, including DC transmission and distribution safety solutions and safety-oriented intelligent new energy solutions.

The ground-mounted solar solutions market in the Netherlands is growing rapidly and is strongly supported and promoted by the government, while companies and technology innovators are active in the sector.

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