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Roof solar mount in Vanuatu -37KW

Jun 28, 2024

Installation Site: Vanuatu

Installation Date: 2024.6

Generating Capacity:37KW

As the global demand for renewable energy continues to grow, solar energy is receiving more and more attention as a clean and sustainable source of energy. Vanuatu, an island country located in the South Pacific Ocean, with its abundant sunshine resources and demand for environmentally friendly energy, has become an ideal place for solar technology application. In this article, we will introduce the design, advantages and installation process of Vanuatu's 37KW solar metal roof racking system in detail.

System Overview
The Vanuatu 37KW Solar Metal Roof Racking System is a solar power solution designed for large residential or commercial buildings. The system utilizes high quality metal materials to ensure structural stability and durability. The system design takes into account Vanuatu's climate characteristics, including high temperatures, high humidity and frequent tropical storms.

Design Features
Material selection: The system is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy or stainless steel to withstand the salt spray of Vanuatu's coastal areas.
Modular design: The racking system is modular for easy transportation, installation and expansion.
Optimal Tilt Angle: The racking system is designed with an adjustable tilt angle to maximize solar energy absorption based on Vanuatu's geographic location.
Wind load capacity: Considering the impact of tropical storms, the system is designed with high wind load capacity to ensure safety and stability under extreme weather conditions.
Advantage Analysis
Efficient Power Generation: The 37KW power generation capacity can meet the power needs of large residential or commercial buildings, reducing dependence on traditional energy sources.
Environmentally friendly: Solar energy is a clean energy source, and the use of this system reduces greenhouse gas emissions, in line with Vanuatu's environmental policy.
Economic Benefits: In the long term, solar power can reduce energy costs and increase energy self-sufficiency.
System life: The high quality metal bracket and PV panel design ensures a system life of up to 25 years or more.

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